Why buy PGI?

Protected Geographical Indication, or PGI, is a way of recognising a specific geographical area that produces high quality food and drink.

This means that PGI Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef  are distinct and have special characteristics, flavours and textures that are unique to Wales and cannot be replicated anywhere else.


For centuries, Welsh agriculture has worked in harmony with the natural environment and has played a key role in creating and maintaining spectacular landscapes and habitats for wildlife. To this day it is dedicated to a sustainable future.

Our landscape and plentiful rainfall help create luscious grass and heathers that give Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef their unique taste, and with more than three quarters of Welsh land dedicated to livestock farming, we’re a nation that knows what we’re doing – and we love doing it!


Centuries of traditional husbandry methods have been handed down through the generations, so you can trust that lambs are fully traceable and are born and reared in happy, healthy homes in Wales. Farming may have evolved and developed over the years, but farmer and dog still stand side-by-side with their flocks and herds.


People, provenance and taste are all ingredients at the heart of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. Together they combine to ensure you enjoy the highest quality meat from Wales, every time. Everything in the production process is of the highest quality and given the time it deserves – because quality cannot be rushed. The result is in the eating.

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